Booking Ian to speak

Our founder, Ian Banner, is a popular conference and charity speaker. If you want to know what people have said about him, click here for some references.

Ian is both passionate and funny about what he talks about. I am delighted to recommend Ian – CIO, large telco

Ian presents all his talks with fun and humour. He entertains you at the front door; meanwhile, ideas and concepts sneak in at the back and are embedded into your thoughts – head of programmes, retail bank

Here are details of some of Ian’s most popular talks, which run from 20 minutes to one hour, depending on the conference slot.

How to protect your company from large, multi-million-pound projects that don’t deliver value, even if they manage to deliver!

Having first presented this at a Forrester conference in the UK, Ian goes through the story of the transformation to Agile at a large telco in the UK that he led. The talk includes Ian’s top tips for strategy and game plan, as well as how to protect your programme from the “status quo antibodies” that can kill such initiatives with the death of a thousand small cuts. Watch out also for how Ian uses the songs of the Spice Girls, Queen and Abba to keep his main points in your head for ever!

This talk can be used as a headline slot, pre-lunch slot or late-afternoon slot at any conference. Although aimed at the CEO level, this talk addresses points for all leaders bringing transformation and innovation to their organisations.

Everything you wanted to know about the Internet of Things but were too afraid to ask

First presented at an Oxford Business Exchange conference, this talk is an overview of the Internet of Things, what it means and how it will change everything. Ian looks into the near future and covers everything from toilets that measure your “output” to driverless cars that drive you and measure your mood. The talk includes four calls to action that everyone can be doing right now to prepare personally and professionally for the revolution that is to come. All “things” will be covered.
This talk is aimed at business leaders, but the language used also means it makes a perfect after-dinner talk.

The six laws of transformational change

Based on his experience of running and being part of transformational change at large companies, Ian presents six laws that can guide you and help avoid pitfalls. Ian details his successes, but more importantly, the failures that he learned from. As always, humour and storytelling are used to entertain and embed the lessons in ways that are very memorable.

We pay you to play games – using games to teach Agile methods

Many coaches say they use games to teach Agile methods, when they actually use slides and then add in a game to create a break. Ian and his team take a very different approach, using games as the heart of all courses and teaching. In this talk Ian goes through the story of how he and his team created games that some have called “The best Agile teaching games ever experienced”. The story covers two years of refinement and continuous improvement, employing a Dungeons and Dragons game master, and how the games were played by thousands of people in companies as diverse as banks, telcos, government departments, charities and schools.

It’s all changed again! How continuous improvement can protect you from the uncertain future

First presented at a Telefonica “Your Digital Future” event at Wembley Stadium, this is a passionate plea to all workers to get into “a life of learning”. The talk includes analysis of several disasters, including the “Titanic” and “Manchester United losing six to one to Manchester City”. Ian leaves you with 10 top tips and references on how to achieve more, get to your goals and enjoy life in the new digital age.

Fun or functional – a “tech groupie” story

First presented as an after-dinner speech at a Sheffield business event, this tells the story of Ian’s love/hate relationship with all things Apple and Samsung. Told through personal stories and anecdotes, plus a few “bits of gear”, Ian covers the landscape of the “epic battle”, but leaves you with a clear understanding of where the market is going and why.


If you want to book Ian for an event, please contact his PA, Holly, stating what you are interested in.

Ian particularly loves to meet new people, but has a bad memory, so if you already know him, pretend you don’t