Getting Started

If you are new to all this lovely work on Agility this is the page for you. I am going to suggest some quick links to get you started and suggest that you use these first, then come back here for more.

Agile is a series of ways of working that come together as an umbrella understanding. Perhaps the best knows of these is SCRUM which describes a framework of organising a team to create some kind of product, by slicing the work into short bursts or ‘Sprints’. At the end of each sprint you show what you did and decide what to do next time.

SCRUM came out of a set of work done by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Shwaber in the 80s originally, and whilst this all started in IT it is now used everywhere. It is a simple common sense method for doing things and relies on short steps that are then measured to see if you got what you wanted out of each step. If you google ‘Jeff Sutherland Scrum Alliance’ or ‘Ken Shwaber Scum Inc’ that should get you started.

Our  own work includes videos, books and podcasts relating to this area, but we specialise in taking these ideas on and using them in large organisations – typically with thousands of employees. This is the next ‘big adventure’ in Scrum and we want to be at the forefront of it. You should check out the menu links to find out more about our work, or email Ian directly here.