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Our Founder Ian Banner, is available for consultancy, speaking and Agile work contracts. He is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and is a very successful Transformation and Agile Coach. He is currently finishing a new book, called ‘Agile for CEOs’. If you want to find out more about this book, the release dates for UK and USA  and perhaps contribute reviews prior to publication, please join the mailing list, by using the box on the right hand side.

Many sites have very useful introductions to concepts and methods of Agile and Scrum, but there is little said about the real life experience of tactically bringing about Agile success in large organisations. Questions like ‘How do you scale Agile?’, ‘OK – we have a shiny new website, but how do we integrate that with 20 years of legacy backend systems?’ 

We feel this is a large gap.

As part of our consultancy work, we offer the following products, that are designed to fill this gap. Some are on site visits, others are digital courses with phone/Skype interviews for extended support and interviews.

Agile Maturity Review (AMR)

How to do you make sure an Agile team is not ‘coasting’? Since they estimate all their work and after a few sprints will be delivering all the committed backlog, they could easily be doing less than they are capable of? This is a very advanced part of an agile maturity understanding and can cost a company thousands and thousands of pounds that are invested in underperforming teams, that usually don’t even know they are underperforming.
Ian and his team visit on site and see a team operating all the ceremonies. Then using their experience in similar organisations and an understanding of what sort of stable velocity should be achievable. They will then present a series of Action Steps you can take to improve the efficiency of an Agile team.

Agile Readiness Assessment (ARA)

Before you bring Agile to your company it is a good idea to pause and take stock with a few really important questions:
  • Is your company ready to make the changes it needs to bring Agile into your organisation?
  • What are the current impediments and blockers to this?
  • What kind of real commitment do you have at all levels for this initiative?
  • Given the above, what are the proven tactics, toolbox and order of implementation you should use?

The ARA answers all these. Here’s how it works:

  • You nominate a series of people in your organisation at all levels to take part in a survey, which includes a series of videos that explain Agility and SCRUM in easy to understand ways
  • The nominated people take part in an online survey that lasts up to 15 minutes. (The length depends on what area of the company they work in and what level)
  • You receive the survey results, a write up and analysis of the results, and an action plan on how to best move forward

Please note: The survey and videos have been developed over several years and have proven very effective at enabling companies to understand and predict fully the level of success  you will have. The questions and videos are based on the extensive, very successful experience our company has in this area.

Agile Initiative Assessment (AIA)

How do you know if a particular initiative will benefit from an agile approach? Some Agile proponents say ALL work will succeed using Agile and SCRUM. Literally, “whatever the question – the answer is Agile”. We don’t believe that is always the case. The AIA consists of a visit or phone/skype interview with a potential initiative owner to understand the initiative fully and then we work through a series of ‘success indicators’ that need to be in place to bring success. The interview finishes with a written report and an action plan of the top 5 things to do immediately to improve your chances of a successful initiative. We have seen many initiative owners feedback that this is usually the most useful hour they have ever spent discussing a project, and the Top 5 actions, which are agreed in the interview are based on the years of experience we bring to Agile initiatives in all kinds of organisations.

Scrum in a Day

Our most purchased product. This is a day of training where all the basics of Scrum are understood. Typically the day consists of at least 5 hours of game playing and feedback loops that embed all these concepts thoroughly. The course modules have been designed over a 3 year period, with continuous feedback loops to ensure it is brilliantly successful. This course has been used as an instruction to Agile and Scrum for all levels of organisations, including board members to great effect and consistently receives very high feedback for its effectiveness. Typically the course is offered in house at your work place and is designed to have up to 20 people per day attending.

Scrum Master and Product Owner training

We will arrange for a ‘batch’ of Scrum Master and/or Product Owner training to be done on site in your offices. Typically this reduces your cost per attendee to around 25% of public courses, usually means no hotel or travel expenses for attendees. All trainers are SCRUM INC or SCRUM ALLIANCE certified, and all attendees will receive certification.
If you are interested in any of these products, please contact Holly.