Our founder, Ian Banner, is a very popular conference and charity speaker. What have people said about  Ian? Here are some references.

Ian is both passionate and funny about what he talks about. I am delighted to recommend Ian – CIO of Large Telco

Ian presents all his talks with fun and humour. He entertains you at the front door; meanwhile ideas and concepts sneak in at the back and are embedded into your thoughts – Head of Programmes, Retail Bank

Complex concepts clearly articulated through hands on workshops and meaningful examples – CEO of small charity

I really enjoyed the interactive tasks and games. These  allowed us to demonstrate what we had learned. The course material was really detailed and useful. – Junior Project Manager

I had a really fun day and interesting perspective on applying project management in a very different way. – Publicity Officer – Govt Department

Ian’s passion and competence for Agile, transformation and focus has helped us to take our first steps into Agile at our company. He combines clear expertise with a flair for coaching and training in the methodology, and uses both of these very effectively. This enabled us to skill up quickly and enthusiastically. – IT Director

Ian provides an all encompassing service which is not limited to the traditional consultant/trainer contribution offered by many others and is quite unique. – Head of PMO, Large Charity

Many people can step up and recite the textbook, but Ian builds on this by sharing real quality experience. The lived experiences of change and transformation management associated with adopting the method are relevant and real. Ian knows his subjects and can talk with authority, experience and clarity to all levels in our organisation. – IT Director

The main problem with any company learning Agile, is making sure you learn what great looks like. Many people think they know Agile. but for many it is not experienced at all the levels needed. I recommend Ian to anyone who wants to bring Agile to their organisation – with Ian you will learn and be shown what great looks like – IT Director

Ian’s talk on the frustration of always wanting new technology was hilarious. It was more a ‘stand up routine’ than a business talk, but using Manchester United as an example of failure took the biscuit  – Man Utd Fan

Ian is a wonderful man – Ian’s Wife

He tell us off too much – Ian’s Teenage Sons

If you want to book Ian for an event, please contact his PA Holly