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A Scrum Master’s first SCRUM Board

A big day today. I saw the first scrum board of a newly qualified scrum master. I’ve been able to encourage and support her in getting her thinking ready, and recommended her scrum master training (thanks Gab). So here it is: Rosa’s first scrum board – first week.

I had a strange feeling…

It was a bit like how I felt when each of my sons took their first steps oh so many years ago. (Too many years ago.)  I felt proud, excited and worried. 🙂

I’m very proud to see this starting. The first scrum board in a company – It’s like breaking ground. I’m excited to wonder how far the transformation at this company can go – how efficient and “performant” they can get.

I’m worried because I so want it to work… If only they could learn from all my mistakes.

History repeats itself. It has to – no one listens.

I realised that as a coach you want people to not make mistakes (obviously!), but also you need them to learn well, and self-discovery is the key to that. There is always this balance. Do you let them make mistakes and learn, or do you help them never make the mistake in the first place?

Related to this is that it is a new team forming, and even if some of them know better, the whole team does not, and need to learn together.

Calling all other coaches – what do you think?