Welcome to the information about our Free Webinars.

These are designed to help anyone get up to speed on Agility and SCRUM and realise how they can use these to improve their performance in jobs and prospects.

– will last around 20-30 minutes each
– are completely free
– will start by covering the basics of Agile – what I will call Agile 101
– will then start covering deeper areas like
– How to tell if an agile team is coasting
– How to spot anti-patterns
– What makes a really good Scrum Master
– What makes a really good Product Owner
– How to use an Agile Assessment to see where you as a company on your agile journey
and the occasional “Uncle Ian’s Agony column”, where I talk through common Scrum problems.

If you are new to Agile, then enjoy all the good stuff we will present

If you are not new, then much of what you hear won’t be new thinking – it’s all based on commonly available information on the internet – but we do communicate it well (So we are told) and we think short regular busts of well packaged material will make it accessible to many.

The latest Webinar released is How to tell if your project will work well with Agile and is available from Monday 18th January till Friday 29th January. Click here to get more info

For previous Webinars (and if they are currently available on replay) then click here.